Commercial Kitchen Design

design-service-page-biggerCaterware supply solutions to your professional catering needs through a combination of experience and design. With our wealth of knowledge about commercial kitchen design, we can assist both the small owner / operator as well as the multi outlet National client.

Our design specialists will assess your spatial limitations and discuss the types of menus you will serve and the volume of cooking that your chefs will be doing. We offer CAD services to design the most efficient layout for your kitchen and to help you choose the right cooking equipment, storage, refrigeration and warewashing to make the most of the space available within your budgetary requirements.

We have access to all major catering equipment manufacturers including a database of specialist manufacturers for that unusual piece of professional cooking equipment and we can recommend the most suitable equipment for any size kitchen or style of cooking.

Phone us on 01253 760777 or email for more information about our kitchen design services.